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    Fall Snacks to Enjoy with Classic Books

    There are certain moments which mark the transitions within slow changes. Today is one of those marking moments where we label the shift within a gradual change. Yes, I’m talking about today being the first day of fall! Each day in September has been a slow fade from the hazy heat of summer, to the crisp, breezy feel of fall.  To celebrate slipping into a new season, I’ve made a list of classic movie adaptations perfect for enjoying this fall season. The only thing better than cuddling up for a good story, is doing so with food! So check out these fall foods paired with the classics! Emma Jane Austen’s…

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    How to get Cheap Books when Libraries are Closed

    Tips and Tricks to Find Cheap Books Does anyone else miss going into a library? Can you remember that feeling of stillness and sanctuary when you first entered into the hushed hallways? You might have had the same feeling about your local bookstore – it is a place to get lost for hours, letting the world spin on around you while your sense of time unravels. We all endured several months without our libraries; whether yours is open again or not, the atmosphere of libraries/bookstores is definitely a bit different right now. Once people are comfortable, there will be no keeping readers away from the libraries. For now, however, there…

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    Let’s be friends

    Sept. 3, 2020 The Preface: Here goes my first foray into the blogosphere. It is an exciting step to become not only a creator, but also a curator of literary art and collective creativity. To me, writing about books and some of my other favorite things seems like an exercise in creating my own dreams. Of course, the goal is to find other minds who appreciate the topics I will be writing about. If you, like me, are a consumer of novels, a lover of literature, a dreamer, or if you are just plain appreciative of the Oxford comma, then you’ll fit right in. If not, then I look forward…