Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is the Oxford comma and why do you like it?

The Oxford comma, or serial comma, is placed after the penultimate item in a list or series; some styles of writing use the Oxford comma while others do not. As an English and public relations double major, I was always switching back and forth between different styles of writing. Although I love the succinct and snippy writing that PR writers use, I prefer the grammatical style of writing about literature.

2. Why Oxford Comma Blog?

I have an inexplicable attraction to Oxford and the rich literary history there. Since this blog is about books, authors, and literary aesthetics, I wanted to pay homage to the birthplace of so many literary greats, while also making a nerdy play on words that has to do with my grammatical preference.

3. What is a bookstagram?

A bookstagram is simply an Instagram account focused on… you guessed it: books! There is a rich online community of readers, book lovers, authors, and publishers who love to connect over images of books! Oxford Comma Blog began as a bookstagram account and is now making it’s foray onto the web and blogosphere!