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    Book Review: Captive Kingdom

    Seven years after the Ascendance Series presumably came to a close, a fourth book has been released, picking up just after the end of the third book. Pick up this book if: you like witty and ingenious thrillers with an incredible amount of inspiring resourcefulness. Don’t pick up this book if: you get annoyed with self-sabotaging characters whose good intentions sometimes blind them to their own faults. Ok, I have been so excited to read this book! The original trilogy is one of my favorites I have ever read. They are just such a fun combination of adventure, wit, and emotion. The characters are incredible, and the plot never ceases…

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    Review: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes

    The prequel to Suzanne Collins Hunger Games trilogy adds another layer of twisted morality and raises questions about the nature of humanity. Pick up this book if: you like origin stories and understanding the motive and rationalization of a story’s villain.  Don’t pick up this book if: you need to be able to relate to and agree with the protagonist. In this book: You will find an only slightly dystopian world which is not too far a stretch from our own. Coriolanus and Tigris Snow are two cousins of the once mighty family which has fallen on hard times in the Dark Days of the war. Coriolanus has the weight…