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    Omeka Reflection

    As a part of my Writing for the Web class (the class for which I finally started this blog) I have been working on a feature story as a final project. My feature story is a multi-modal, interactive website where you can virtually explore the 19th century city of Bath in the time when Jane Austen lived there. In order to create this blog in the way I envisioned it, I needed to use a new application, a new plugin, and lots of assistance! Keep reading to learn more about how I learned to use Omeka to create an online exhibition for this project. Check out this blog which turned…

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    Book Aesthetics

    There is something that I find very satisfying about diving into an entire literary world. A story is not just between the pages. With some books, I have an ideal place I like to read them or there is a type of weather that seems to match the mood. Obviously, most of these details are left up to the imagination, but it is always fun to exercise my creativity by thinking about the aesthetic of some of my favorite books! Join me and share your ideas about these books, or about favorites of your own! Emma Jane Austen’s Emma is the perfect book to read in a beautiful botanical garden.…

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    5 Rules of Regency Era Dance Etiquette

    And How Jane Austen Broke Them The past few blog posts have been a focused, academical look into Jane Austen’s world. I have learned that research and immersion into an author’s life and culture reveals a much deeper understanding of their novels and characters. Whether you love Jane Austen’s novels or not, they are always a part of a wider conversation. By learning more about the world she lived in, we as readers can get a greater picture of how and why her novels have garnered such attention and even shaped much of the literary canon. Looking at Regency dance etiquette today, the rules seem limiting, often sexist, and generally…

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    Socializing in Regency Era Bath

    People have always gathered in social centers. There is something to be said for the importance of social gatherings and relating to others in a communal way. Today there is a new appreciation and longing for the ability to gather in large groups of people for community. We are appreciative of the opportunity to connect online, but I imagine that others, like me, miss something about knowing that there were certain social centers where community happened. There was always a promise of seeing your people there and meeting new people, the combination which always produced an elation and emotion of exploration. In Jane Austen’s novels, all of her plots center…

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    Explore the World (through the Web)

    My online Journey This past summer, I was supposed to take my two penultimate English classes at Oxford University. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Or… almost a twice in a lifetime opportunity. I had been accepted into another English study abroad at Oxford the summer before, but I had ended up turning it down because of a family emergency.  So when I found out that I could work my classes around another study abroad for the summer of 2020, I was ecstatic. I worked my entire schedule around taking the two classes that I wanted in Oxford – a Jane Austen class and a Shakespeare class. What…

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    Mood Board

    As I work on creating my Oxford Comma Blog, I have the absolutely enjoyable task of creating a brand for this space. Good blogs and social media accounts are all about planning, branding, and executing. By ensuring I have solidified a brand at the outset, I am able to keep my content on brand. The fun part about this is that I am literally making a list of my favorite things and mood boards to provide parameters for my brand. My hope is that this work will serve as a source of inspiration. If nothing else, I hope this list brings you some joy!   These are a few of…

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    Elements of a Successful Book Blog

    In this post, I want to explore what a bookish blog is … and what it can be. You’ll get an insight into just what I am hoping/planning to write about in this space. (To learn more about this blog, you can also visit the introduction). I also want to pull back the curtain and display one source of inspiration for this blog and how I have learned from other creators. What’s in a blog? As you, dear reader, have probably perceived, I love books! I believe that a blog is a space where you have creative freedom to find a community of others who share your passion – so…

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    How to get Cheap Books when Libraries are Closed

    Tips and Tricks to Find Cheap Books Does anyone else miss going into a library? Can you remember that feeling of stillness and sanctuary when you first entered into the hushed hallways? You might have had the same feeling about your local bookstore – it is a place to get lost for hours, letting the world spin on around you while your sense of time unravels. We all endured several months without our libraries; whether yours is open again or not, the atmosphere of libraries/bookstores is definitely a bit different right now. Once people are comfortable, there will be no keeping readers away from the libraries. For now, however, there…