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Sept. 3, 2020

The Preface:

Here goes my first foray into the blogosphere. It is an exciting step to become not only a creator, but also a curator of literary art and collective creativity. To me, writing about books and some of my other favorite things seems like an exercise in creating my own dreams. Of course, the goal is to find other minds who appreciate the topics I will be writing about. If you, like me, are a consumer of novels, a lover of literature, a dreamer, or if you are just plain appreciative of the Oxford comma, then you’ll fit right in. If not, then I look forward to celebrating our differences and learning from each other.

Some of the most immediate connections I have made with people has been over mutually loved literature. I adore that moment when you realize you can bypass small talk and delve right into each other’s minds through a shared experience between the pages. Have you ever had an experience like that? I hope that is the kind of meeting we will have here.

I have always loved reading and just the beauty of books themselves. I love the feel of each book spine, the image of a completed book shelf, or the smell of the pages. I definitely relate to characters like Rory Gilmore in Gilmore Girls or Hermione Granger in Harry Potter.

A little more about me:

  • I love tea
  • I am an English and PR double major – which means I sometimes use the Oxford comma, and I sometimes cut it painfully from my sentence structure
  • I am beginning to appreciate audiobooks more
  • My planner brings me comfort
  • I always spend way too long shopping at Target, but I hate spending money
  • I’ve grown to love really slow mornings
  • I really want to go to Oxford!

It was my dream to study abroad at Oxford. I had to turn down the opportunity two summers ago because of a family emergency. The summer of 2020, I received a full scholarship to study abroad and travel for a month. Then COVID-19 happened.

Before the pandemic, I had already created a bookstagram called Oxford Comma Blog out of an abundance of excitement for my trip. I had the idea that I would start a blog connected to the Instagram and update it with writing from my trip. Once I heard the devastating news that my dream was going down the drain (this is my last semester in college), it was hard for me to even use the bookstagram without being overwhelmed by my disappointed dreams.

If I’m being completely honest, starting this blog also dredged up some of that heartbreak that I still haven’t quite processed yet as I researched quotes about Oxford and some of the ways to explain why it was an inspiration for this blog.

Regardless of that… check out this blog so I can outsource a bit of my explanation about why Oxford inspired me to write before I’d even been there yet! I mean, seriously, look how beautiful this is!! In fact, this blog, What’s Hot, also had a big impact on me as I first started exploring into the world of bookstagram and book blogs.

I love looking into the libraries and the history of authors at Oxford. On this blog, I will have a mixture of book reviews and other bookish blogs. I also want to dive in to writing about some other things that I love. Whether that is reading a book on a beautiful fall day, my reverence for beautiful words, or simply ways to connect with the literary and bookstagram communities, I look forward to the creation of new content and connection with new friends! Let me know what kind of blogs you are interested in!


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