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Elements of a Successful Book Blog

In this post, I want to explore what a bookish blog is … and what it can be. You’ll get an insight into just what I am hoping/planning to write about in this space. (To learn more about this blog, you can also visit the introduction). I also want to pull back the curtain and display one source of inspiration for this blog and how I have learned from other creators.

What’s in a blog?

As you, dear reader, have probably perceived, I love books! I believe that a blog is a space where you have creative freedom to find a community of others who share your passion – so I write about my passion! In that sense, I don’t think that I write my blogs to persuade others that they should love books. Instead, I am writing to create a space for people like me to see that they are not alone and to create a connection and community. I want to celebrate the things that I love and create content for others to celebrate with me.

There are numerous successful blogs about books – it is even possible to make money through affiliate marketing and blogging. One award-winning blog, What’s Hot, was a huge inspiration for me starting Oxford Comma Blog. I have been looking at what Laura, the creator of What’s Hot, has done well to make her blog a success, as well as what elements are included in other successful book blogs.

One thing that I love about What’s Hot, is that it compiles many of Laura’s interests to make something unique. The subtitle for her blog calls it a book and travel blog. Many of the posts combine both things by exploring bookstores and libraries in different places she has travelled. She also is an Oxford alumni, so she has many blog posts about different Oxford libraries and colleges.

Success in a blog – example

Through her comfortable writing style, unique curation, aesthetic pictures, and clear organization, Laura has created a form of inspiration. Her blog encourages people to enjoy the things they love, whether that would be reading, travelling, or dining out. In a similar vein, I want my blogs to hold useful information and inspiration for my readers. I believe it is my role as the blogger to offer something – it’s quite a precarious position to pour your heart into your words and hope that others find it useful.

What’s Hot obviously has much more content than my fledgling blog, but studying the organization and the diverse reach of the blog is helping me to see how best to connect with members of my audience. Laura has an extensive list of blogs that will interest a variety of readers. I aim to do the same by diversifying the topics of my blogs.

Screenshot of What's Hot blog
Screenshot from What’s Hot blog.

Another element of many successful book blogs is the book review. Having this type of blog organized into your page keeps you relevant as a blogger to readers, writers, and publishers. As a reader, I enjoy seeing what others think about the books I read – it lends me a sense of connection and community. In my stint in working for a publishing company, I know the importance of book reviews from the perspective of authors and publishers as well.

Laura’s book reviews give her the opportunities to work with others. In building up her reputation as a blogger, she has created a demand for her services. There is an entire “work with me” page on the blog to explain the different collaborations she is open to doing. One of my favorite things about book blogging and bookstagram is the opportunity to build up a community. Social media and the internet have provided us with an opportunity to connect with people whom we normally would never have met.

 Where to go from here

I personally am inspired to continue reading, creating, and connecting. I hope that reading this blog has inspired you to find more book blogs and become a part of the community. If there are any book bloggers reading this, I would love to hear from you! Are there other blogs you would recommend following – or would you like to see a list of blogs? If you are thinking about starting a blog, I am hoping to create more content soon with information on how best to do so! Keep reading, and stay lovely!

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