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Book Aesthetics

There is something that I find very satisfying about diving into an entire literary world. A story is not just between the pages. With some books, I have an ideal place I like to read them or there is a type of weather that seems to match the mood. Obviously, most of these details are left up to the imagination, but it is always fun to exercise my creativity by thinking about the aesthetic of some of my favorite books! Join me and share your ideas about these books, or about favorites of your own!


Reading Emma in a botanical garden
Jane Austen’s Emma in front of a fountain.

Jane Austen’s Emma is the perfect book to read in a beautiful botanical garden. This summer, when I was rereading the book for my online Oxford study abroad, I spent a lot of my time reading it at the botanical garden right by my house. The pathways and beautiful fountains made me feel that I could almost be sitting outside the Hartfield Estate where the Woodhouse family lives.


Narnia book series

I will admit, I had a lot of fun taking these pictures! I also definitely can remember playing around as a kid with my brothers and cousins after watching a Narnia movie, and pretending to be fighting an epic battle. I think there’s something so engaging about these novels which really captures your attention and makes you feel powerful. Hence the sword in the picture with these books. For Aslan and for Narnia!

A Little Princess

Tea and homemade scone with A Little Princess.

Speaking of imagination, this book is the ultimate celebration of imagination. In this story, little Sarah uses her imagination to make her tragic life magical. I read this book again during the beginning of quarantine. Creating this pretty (and delicious) spread was also just a way for me to step into the role of imagining a spectacular lifestyle while I was truly just sitting at home.

The Goose Girl

The Goose Girl in a wreath.

I absolutely love this book. There are lots of motifs with horses, wind, and birds. Everything about it just sweeps me up. I’ve read it so many times that the lands of Kildenree and Bayern seem less like imagination than memories. To me, this book definitely has a blue and green aesthetic, with splashes of yellow. It also always makes me think about a forest and just the outdoors in general. I loved the mossy look of this wreath that I made and the way it felt like a nod to both the Forest and a bird’s nest.

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